"A family restaurant with a wood-burning stove located in a wooded garden in a quiet street of Zalesie Górny."

Inspired by the Italian trattorias, the owners - Ania, the producer of commercials and January - the actor, decided to move a piece of sunny Italy to their home. And so from 2009, in a brick cellar under their home, with the help of the eminent Chef Luka, La provincia flourished. Under the name "provincia" there is a traditional approach to cooking and pizza, and under the prefix "la" a pinch of modern techniques and culinary trends.

The restaurant is distinguished by the quality of dishes, original recipes of both pizzas and dishes from the card. The menu is based on the philosophy of slow food - high-quality seasonal products, including those from the super foods category, such as beetroot or tompinambur, combined with traditional Italian dishes such as risotto. All dishes are fully prepared homey. The highest quality on the plate, a casual atmosphere, and all under hundred year old pines accompanied by squirrels.

La Provincia

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